Testimonials from Men

Hi Alex,

I was planning to write you about my improvement. As I told you, my case was severe and since anti-inflamatories and conventional therapy hadn’t worked, including cortisone, the next step would be surgery. I would say that my recuperation has been about 90% and definitely I am very impressed with the results. The pain relief from the first couple of weeks of [the recommended exercises] was impressive. I found that [certain exercises] work best for me because I could control resistance more than with weights and also could do exercises while walking. Since I kept discovering new pains with certain movements, I had to find new exercises to relieve these pains. I still do the exercises 3 or 4 times a week as I’m still not 100%, although I feel that I’m about ready to go back to the Gym, being careful not to hurt myself again. I’ll be 69 in January.

Thank you for your discovery and for making it available to me.

Michael Dorfman


I am really impressed with your quick response and fantastic customer service.

Tom Blake, Australia



Purchased your program.

I’ve been applying [the recommended exercises] to my very complicated tendonosis profile for about a week and a half. I anticipate several more weeks of application before I can realistically consider working out again. Still, I’m performing “everyday” movements again and that is HUGE. If I’m understanding the material, it’s possible to tailor the exercises to fit virtually any circumstance. Find the movement that causes pain and “reverse engineer it.”

Your videos are excellent and I keep coming back to them. Tendonosis seems to behave like a contagion in the body and it’s so helpful to keep coming back to solid reference points. I’ll check back in a few weeks. So far, much, much more progress than I would have imagined within the time frame.

Terry Maness


It seems my tendonitis/nosis issues have almost completely cleared up. It’s amazing, I’ve been playing the guitar for 2 hours a day for the past couple of weeks without any pain, just some mild fatigue sometimes at the end of the day. I can’t believe it, it’s taken me 15 years to find something that let me play guitar without any issues. amazing!



Dear Alex, the book has been very beneficial. I have suffered from stubborn tendinosis three times. The first two ones were elbow tendinosis. I simply did too many pullups. These were not mere “tendinitis” . I aggravated the tendinitis because I didn`t rest enough. The point is I felt it in the morning only, but every morning was worse. So I had to quit pulling for months-well, more than a year-till I decided to perform [the exercises you recommended for me].

I am currently curing from another one in my Achilles tendon. Now I´m better, but I had to stop running from last November to June. It was when I bought your book that I began doing [the recommended exercise], which improved my Achilles a lot.

To summarize : This stuff works and is very practical and easy to implement.

Thanks a lot, man. Tendinopathies really suck, and your book can help many people.

Santiago Ces Garcia (Feel free to use my humble review.)



I found the information useful. It helped quite a bit. I was (and still am slightly) suffering from medial epicondylitis (primarily from computer usage), and the method described for treating tendonitis related to typing did help me.

Thanks for the help!



I have to say the book has very insightful material and information. Its definitely helping me through some serious golfer’s elbow.

Alex Nordach has been over the top with help from a personal standpoint. You couldn’t get that from a Dr. or any other web books. Best purchase I made in a long time.

Clint Shelton, 35, powerlifter, via Facebook


Dear Alex Nordach,

I’ve had tennis elbow for more than a year now, and I’ve tried the method given.

I actually bought your book because 6 months ago I was diagnosed with biceps tendonitis. Your methods seems to work: I can do [the exercises] with heavier and heavier weights (2 sets, 2-3 times a week), but it is not yet completely cured, so I will continue for one or two more months.

Thanks for your book.

Philippe Andrew Jacquet


Hi Alex,

Thank you for getting in touch, your book did help greatly…

When I initially purchased the book in July, I had been suffering from tendonitis/osis since April. I promptly followed your instructions, using both the forearm exercises displayed in the book.

The pain at that time was directly around the wrist bones. sure enough, after about 4 weeks, I had almost no pain and was able to work as normal. I did not take any time off work during this period, simply did 3 sets of the exercises 1 or 2 times a day.

Saif Khan


Hi Alex,

I am glad to say your ebook helped me almost to full recovery on my elbow tendonitis or “tendonosis”. As you may recall I emailed you a few times several months ago, and I told you about having pain in both my left and right elbows. Nothing else worked to fix the pain. Rest, Icing, Ultrasound, NSAIDs, all did nothing. But [the recommended exercises] did the trick.

I am not 100 percent, but I feel like I am on my way to it. I am back lifting and getting close to where I was pre-injury. This is very exciting…. I layed off the weights for a few days, and when I started lifting again I decreased the weights by a lot, and started my on “rehab” program.

Where I slowly but steady increased the weights I was doing every week. My belief is that there was the root cause, the tendonosis, which your program is perfect for, and then a secondary problem of acute tendonitis which I would get whenever I lifted too heavy, and tried to overdue it with weights, or some other area in my life, where I might be putting to much immediate pressure on the tendons.

Like I said before [the recommended exercises] really helped “cure” my tendonosis problem. And so allowed me to actually get back into lifting weights again. So in closing Id like to thank you very much for this ebook, and am very grateful to you Alex. I hope to hear back from you soon. Thanks a lot man.

Justin Erik


That’s great feedback, Alex. Thank you once again for taking the time to read, watch, and reply. It really shows you’re passionate about what you do and that you care for your clients & readers. I’ll be sure to point anyone with similar troubles your way.

Blessings, and have a great week!



Thanks Alex! Spending all day using a mouse and keyboard had taken a major toll on my wrist. I tried for months to relieve the pain, but nothing seemed to work. After trying the techniques in your book, my wrist pain was gone within a week! It’s been nearly a year now, and the pain hasn’t returned.

Robert Dickson

Hi Alex. I’m a 54 yo man who enjoys light weight lifting, playing guitar (a lot) and I use a computer at work quite a bit. I developed elbow pain over 5 years ago in my left arm and recently have been experiencing sharp pains in the base little finger knuckle of my left hand. The doctor only said that non-use and NSAIDS would cure the problem. Well, that didn’t cure the problem (I can’t tolerate NSAIDs for more than 3 or 4 days anyway) and I had pretty much accepted the fact that I would not be able to do the things I enjoy. I figured it was just the price of getting old. After using your exercise for 3 weeks the pain in my elbow is nearly gone as well as the knuckle pain. I’m back at the gym and happily shredding away again! It seems you get a lot of positive feedback, but I just wanted you to know how grateful I am.


Sensational. The best customer service I’ve probably ever received.

Damien Hosking (Adelaide South Australia)

Dear Alex,

I should have written to you sooner to thank you for how well your method worked for me. I had tendinosis in my right thumb for about a year, and no standard methods of treatment received from my doctor would relieve it. After much internet searching, I found your method. I’m normally quite skeptical of alternative health treatments, but since nothing else worked, I decided to give your technique a try.

I was astonished to find that about three-quarters of my pain vanished after only three or four days of employing your method. After another month or so, the pain was virtually all gone, as long as I did the exercises every second day. Now, after four months, I don’t even have to do the exercises regularly, just once in a while if I feel a little ache.

I’m now able to work out with weights again and do garden work and write comfortably. Thank you very much. I wish your technique would become well-known, especially among doctors, since there must be thousands of people out there who could really benefit from it. You can quote me on this all you like.

Yours gratefully, Neil Bishop

Hello my name is Alex Saadat and im a believer!  Your book has been of great help. I have recommended it to several people. Whether a disc golfer in golden gate park a checkout clerk at the supermarket and my self absorbed weightlifting older brother. Your system works…

Alex Sadaat

I have purchased your e-book,read it and watched the videos. I constructed therapy equipment to use your methods for my hips and shoulders. Along with a new exercise regiment, I am finally realizing much less pain.Thank you for some great information.

Tom Yaeger

Started the protocol on Weds, and the improvement is truly remarkable. I had had symptoms for more than 6 months and began working with a local PT about 4 weeks ago with only modest results.

My symptoms are now about 98 per cent gone. I was about 80 per cent better after the first week, and in fact, stopped going to my local PT at that point because your program was so effective and better than the less targeted program I was doing there. The very minor symptoms that remain are barely perceptible and don’t interfere with any activities. I can now say that my previous symptoms are essentially undetectable.

The close temporal relationship between your exercise sets and the dramatic improvement (after months of symptoms) is highly convincing… The efficacy of your approach is quite remarkable.
Warm regards,

Allen H Heller, MD

I am writing you to give you my thanks. I am a 24 year old male who has suffered from pain in my left wrist for 2 years before I found you’re book target tendonitis.I tried everything you can think of. All the doctors visits, MRI’s, and steroid shots could not fix the pain. I considered surgery many times. As a last ditch effort I found your book and the program in it.

Now let’s fast forward a couple months. I am now back in the gym, lifting weight like I used to, with no pain. You have helped me beyond words. It’s funny how such a simple idea can trump the multitude of doctors visits I had. It is proof that a little self research and alternative therapy goes a LONG way.

Thank you very much for helping to give me my life back. Working out is very important to me and I was not the same person without the gym.

Thank you for sharing the knowledge.


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